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Currency Advice Travel insurance tips, tricks and hacks 3/3/2016 Travel Insurance - some people swear by it, others never use it. So what's the big fuss? We'll tell you everything you need to know. Chinese slowdown sparks surge in London investment 2/3/2016 China's economic slowdown has sparked concern around the world among investors and traders, but it is also driving a surge in investment in London real estate. Premium costs accelerate for car parking space 1/29/2016 Could Iran become a "major force" in London real estate? 1/25/2016 Iran could become a "major force" in London's real estate market, according to industry experts. Following the lifting of economic sanctions this month, agents and advisers are now forecasting a surge in interest from Iranian investors. UK's top site managers honoured at house-building 'Oscars' 1/21/2016 Revealed: The world's most expensive cities for construction 1/19/2016 New York, Hong Kong and London are now the most expensive cities in the world for construction, as populations boom and labour supplies shrink. The three financial hubs have seen costs rise the most, with prices as much as 60 per cent higher than many European cities. UK flood damage estimated at £1.3bn 1/15/2016 The damage to UK homes and businesses by the recent storms is estimated at £1.3 billion. Mapped: The UK's top rental property hotspots 1/13/2016 New research reveals the cities in the UK where rents have risen the most in the last year. Shared ownership gets multi-million pound boost from private sector 12/14/2015 Uk to build thousands of new homes in flood risk areas 12/10/2015 The UK government is planning to build thousands of new homes in flood risk areas, according to new research by Greenpeace.